Diversity – A Vision and Strategy for the Future…Now!

In today’s marketplace, the underrepresentation of woman-, minority-, and disabled veteran-owned business enterprises remains an imposing challenge for American business.  The achievement of greater diversity, however, is not only the right thing to do…we believe it also makes good business sense.  In a global environment where customers and clients represent a broad spectrum of races, ethnicities, and backgrounds, the companies that embrace diversity are the ones most likely to succeed in meeting customer needs.

At SGI, we believe that diversity and inclusion are integral to the fulfillment of our vision, strategy and business success.  We recognize that leadership in today’s global marketplace requires that we create a corporate culture and an inclusive business environment where the best and brightest diverse minds –supply chain partners and employees with varied perspectives, skills, and experiences – work together to meet customer requirements.  By harnessing the synergies afforded by our differences, we strive to foster greater creativity and innovation and to bring a wider range of ideas and perspectives to our systems and processes to deliver competitive advantage.

At SGI, we are committed to cultivating our differences to develop a cohesive and diverse group of professionals, notable for their expertise, creative genius, and moral courage, who are positioned to fundamentally transform the supply chain through collaboration, communication, and cooperation.  To this end, we actively seek to foster greater levels of diversity in our supply chain by partnering with leading manufacturers, distributors, service providers, professional organizations, and national advocacy groups to deliver innovative, cost-effective supply chain solutions that enhance our customers’ competitive advantages in innovation, reliability, profitability, and long-term sustainability in the marketplace.  Join us today!

“The re­sponsibility of leadership for diversity…is now in the hands of business…That’s where the entrepreneurs are; they’re in diversity-led businesses.”
Steve Reinemund, Former Chairman/CEO, PepsiCo, Inc.